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About us

Since 2000 SCS Group bringing technology to the reach through various products and services and attaining the reformation required to meet the global standards we upgraded as a world class registered quality Services Company as SCS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS in the year 2006 receiving great applauds globally and won an International Award 'Leader in Prestige and Quality' for 2008.

Our company has now grown up as a multi faceted organization running many horses and expanding its wings around the Globe we are now into IT Solutions, Outsourcing, e-commerce, Solar Industry, Marketing Services, Supply Chain, Presentation Systems and Recruitment solutions through our various brands.

SUN RITE CRAFTS & Papers is one in such brand which offers Customized Printed and Premium Soft Paper Tissues.

SUN RITE CRAFTS & PAPERS is now a leading Company into manufacturing of Disposable Tissues and Paper Napkins with high quality and advanced infrastructure plant in South India. We design and replicate modern Technics in production of Variety of Tissue paper in size and designs and also offer your concern with customized Logo and incorporate your designs as per requirement. We have one of the best production labs and research center with continuous thrive in developing latest designs and customized solutions for our clients.

We only Use High Quality raw material in production of our products and always ensure Eco green systems with chlorine and Bleach free techniques.

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Our Journey

SCS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a Sakthi group company which had its roots since 2000 at the service of people bringing client service in different fields. We are today here after facing many thorns and cuts in our way, success doesn't come just simple it requires a lot patience and hard work we started our company with many ideas and moulded ourselves on our way facing many hinders to cross the boundaries and this is not our place there is still so much to go let me join you all in lifting the thorns in paving better paths and developing better services on the way, its now time for us to grow with Sun Rite Crafts & Papers.

Paper tissues are now helping build a healthy, clean environment in devloping india.

We Support Swach Bharath and save trees campaign and strictly maintain our stand by planting trees and educate our surroundings to keep themselves clean to keep India Clean.